The importance of bodyguard comes from the fact that these people provide a reassurance to the individuals in question and give a sense of security. This idea is a very old one and has seen changes with time. The necessity of a bodyguard has risen from the rise in criminal activity that in turn has posed as a threat to the lives of individuals ranging from industrialists, political person and many more. Malaysia has seen a sudden growth in the number of companies providing security and the demand of a bodyguard tops the list among different security requirements.

Our bodyguards have expertise in protection, fighting emergency medical situations, dealing with surveillance, planning, obeying protocols, tactical and firearm skills apart from various other aspects. This form requires expertise as discussed above and only the best are chosen. We provide Ex-army men as guards, people highly trained and experienced. Proper physical fitness coupled with expertise in the fields of weapons and fights separates these people, hence these people are made to undergo the best of training apart from regular refresher courses to keep them updated.

The use of bodyguard is not only seen for protection of the people concerned but also for planning and fanning out and chance of danger of the places these clients might visit in the near future. One can use the services in an emergency situation which is seen to be very handy apart from contractual basis as well. Standby guards are seen as well and all the three forms are seen to be provided by the different security agencies in Malaysia. Most of our clients would like to have their identity unknown in an attempt to ward off unwanted attention.

Our company is providing an capable bodyguard guaranteed services like absolutely zero trespassing apart from being undeterred by the different functions that the clients might have to attend. We can offer some special plans as well like a backup plan with people for the different events in case of emergency and failure of the primary guards and their plans.

We guaranteed the availability of skilled bodyguard and the availability of them across the country for the people looking for a personal bodyguard.




Skilled Bodyguard Available

We have been the leader in this industry because of the flexibility offered by our professional staff according client’s need and budget.