Industrial Security

Industrial security is a vital aspect of a business related to factory, warehouse or small and medium scale operations. Since, there are valuables such as machineries, expensive equipments, business stocks and others, it’s at their main concern to hire reputable security company as their guardian. Our company has been widely accepted as security partner for major brands nationwide.

Industrial security involves 24 hours surveillance at the appointed location and the surroundings. There will a system implemented to monitor the premise without compromising the alertness of our security guards. Our reporting system enables our clients to check periodically on our performance. Trained security guards will implement all this.

Industrial security guards are normally Gurkha guards. The demand has increased lately because they are more reliable from local guards. Even the price is slightly high compared to local guards, companies don’t mind paying for the quality and professionalism portrayed by them.

Industrial guards will be fully equipped with necessary weapons and assisted by current technology gadgets like CCTV and others. Sometimes, there will be scanning machines at the entrance of the premises to ensure no items or assets from the company seized out.

Continuous training on the latest system, gadgets and weapons makes our company as the leader in this niche. We strongly believe in innovation and always there is a room for improvement in our services.

Industrial guards are always exposed to the danger of being robbed because of the value of our protected goods. Lately, there is a constant hike in the numbers of robbery involving industrial premises and normally will be mastermind by experts. Companies are highly advised to take the wholesome security measure to avoid all this misshapenings.

We're Experts in Security

We will advise our client according to the coverage of an area, number of security guards needed and the technology involved to optimize the task and achieve the most cost effective solution.