Security Guard Training

Security guards have become a common sight these days and if in a city such as Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It would strike someone as rather strange if one were to walk around office buildings or residential areas and not lay eyes on a security guard. With so much reliance being placed on security guards these days, it is only natural if one starts to wonder whether such reliance is justly placed? A person’s safety and wellbeing is of utmost importance, and to be able to place reliance on another in ensuring the upkeep of such safety and security, the people on whom such reliance is placed would need to be eligible to take on such heavy responsibility.

More often than not, security guards take the form of such responsibility bearers. Then, the next question which arises would be are they capable of handling the responsibility being heaped on them?. This is where the issue of whether training needs to be given to security guards comes into play. In countries like Singapore, they have recognized the importance of security guards and the value they play in people’s daily lives that training has been widely implemented for both armed and unarmed security guards. Such training would set the foundation for the guards in carrying our their duties well and would set the basic levels of competency which would need to be met before one can go on to be a security guard.

Such measures are to be applauded as it shows that the peoples’ security and safety are not being taken lightly. Similarly, in Malaysia, where security guard training is still an option, one would need to look at the root of the issue in deciding on whether to invest in training for security guards. The crux issue would be – why are security guards being hired? To ensure safety and security. Then, the next question would be- are they capable of performing the duties they were hired for?. Or, are they just being placed in their locations to deter criminals by their presence itself?. For most of the general public, the response to this question would be the former, and they would like to be satisfied that the security guards hired are capable and competent enough in performing their duties. Hence, the importance of training for security guards should not be taken lightly and ideally, all security guards should be given the adequate training before  commencing their duties.

Training would also ensure that the basic competencies required for the job would be met. This would in turn ensure that the security guards are competent enough and meet a certain standard before being hired rather than just being hired with no prior experience or requirements. Such standard would in turn set the stage for international organisations in Malaysia having no qualms in hiring security guards from within Malaysia given that they would be assured that the security guards here have undergone training and are of a certain standard of capability.

In a fast paced world such as today, where criminals are constantly outdoing themselves in coming up with ingenious methods of committing crime, basic training for security guards should be more of a mandatory requirement rather than an option to ensure that they would be able to a certain extent, deter such criminals.

We Provide Security Guard Training

Training would ensure that the security guards are competent enough and meet a certain standard before being hired rather than just being hired with no prior experience or requirements.