Security Guard

The importance of a Security guard is immense in today’s society. The human urge to a stable life coupled with the availability of proper security has helped to evolve an idea that was reached with the help of a Security guard. Security guards are of different types such as bodyguards, industrial security guards and armed guards to name a few. The importance of security is immense with the rise of criminal activities and Malaysia is one of the countries that have seen the blooming of security agencies that in turn would provide protection. The work of the different types of security guards found are basically specific as far as their jobs are concerned and together combine to provide a firewall to human lives, property and reputation.

A Security guard is found to be handling different types of responsibilities. The security guards are different from the other types of guards. These people are not expected to be experts in weapons or physically at the peak of prowess, fighting the possible attackers only. The function of a security guard is much more organized and discipline oriented. A Security guard is expected to provide 100% security in the place he is stationed irrespective of the situation he might have to face. Prevention of any type of stealing is one of the major objectives as it might happen internally as well. One has to look after the traffic at the gates and manage the visitors in a manner that would not be rude yet effectively negate any possibilities of danger. The use of dogs is expected as well and a Security guard would be expected to be at ease with handling of the dogs.

We provide appropriate training to the personnel donning the uniform of security officer. Use of arms might not be mandatory but definitely is of advantage for the people doing the duty of a guard. The above said job objectives of a Security guard is not everything as there are some more roles he has to play. Adding to the above stated functions a guard is expected to be adept in the role of a firefighter and face accidents and undue incidents in a professional manner.

The above discussed responsibilities are not the only ones that make a good Security guard. One is expected to be alert and respond to situations that are least expected and save lives and property in the process.


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