It must be a rather well known fact to anyone who uses the media that the crime rates in Malaysia have seen a huge spike if compared to the days of our forefathers. The recent spate of shootings nationwide further adds on to the ever increasing list of crimes in this country. Such occurrences give rise to the question of security. Are we truly safe, or do we think we are safe, but in actual fact, we may not be?

It is due to this security issue which has resulted in many hiring security guards to give them a sense of security. It is not uncommon in Malaysia to see security guards nowadays stationed nearly everywhere we turn. From condominiums, landed property to office buildings, it is now uncommon NOT to see a security guard stationed to guard the place.

Although they can not guarantee absolute safety, security guards play a crucial role in maintaining security. For example, many urbanites these days live in condominiums, one main reason being the security features offered by the condominiums which include security guards being stationed at the condominiums. Most of us generally spend a lot of time, money and effort in doing up our homes, offices etc., however, we can not be expected to be constantly present at every moment of the day to ensure the safety of our home, loved ones and belongings. This is an instance where the role of a security guard comes into play and they take up the responsibility of maintaining the security of our homes or offices whilst we are not around. This in turn reduces the huge burden we carry around on our shoulders every day as our worries on the safety of our loved ones, homes, offices etc. would have been reduced.

Security guards also do work shifts around the clock, hence ensuring that our safety is protected even whilst we are all asleep at home. How many times have we heard or read horror stories of people being tied up and robbed in their own homes. These people never asked for it and they are members of the society at large just like you who were one day given a rude awakening as to the importance of security. With effective security guards around, although such risk would not be eliminated in its entirety, the risk would be reduced and in today’s day and age, such reduction of risk in our personal security is of utmost importance. In fact, security guard patrol has been known to deter criminals from entering a particular area which is part of the patrol area.

All our security guards come trained and are able to handle basic criminal situations which may arise. This would effectively be able to deter and put off many criminals. It has also been seen that crime rates in areas with security guards stationed around the clock are relatively lower if compared to areas where there are no security guards hired. This in itself shows the importance of security guards in our lives these days.



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The issue of security is not something to be gambled on and every person should take the necessary steps required to ensure that the safety of ourselves, loved ones and belongings are protected as much as possible.